[MUSIC] Fatboy SSE Feat. Blueface – Fly Away (Remix)

The comedian-turned-rapper taps Blueface to speak on the lifestyle their accomplishments have paved for them.


After popping out with his first and only release of the year “Fly Away” in April, Fatboy returns with a remix of the single featuring Blueface. The song features the New Jersey-born artist speaking on his lifestyle of “expensive linen” and “high fashion”– the culmination of his meteoric rise to prominence after churning out viral videos on Instagram and Youtube before eventually turning to music.“All this money treat me different/ Baddies treat me like I’m Hendrix,” he raps over the beat with a contemplative flow in its slow, guitar-strung pace. “Cartier frames be my lensies / Black Beatle, John Lennon.” Throughout the song, he details how his life’s been made to live like a rockstar, with a heightened awareness that “big money” has made him “cold” — a new kind of independence. “Now and then I think I need you,” he continues. “Sometimes I feel like I don’t.”
“The weight of the world on my shoulders / It’s getting harder to look over my shoulder,” Blueface raps, expanding on that sentiment. “These kinds of problems could never be steady / Gotta keep it on me.”
The video features immersive pans of the rappers against Los Angeles’ cityscape, shot from a downtown skyscraper at sunset.
Watch and listen to the new remix of “Fly Away” below.
Quotable Lyrics
Stackin’ hundreds in the rubber bands ’til they bust out
You can’t compare me to no other n**, I’m Clearport and they bus route
Aw yeah, blew a hundred piece on the bustdown
I two-tone the Patek and plain jane the AP, that pole is a must now

Mr HausaLoaded

Abubakar Rabiu Editor-in-cheif

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