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List Of Best HR Companies In Nigeria

List Of Best HR Companies In Nigeria. Human Resource (HR) firms are corporations, typically outsourcing firms, that search, screen, recruit, and train job candidates on behalf of another company. Many HR firms are also entrusted with managing employee benefit programs, as well as employee salaries and benefits, and employee employment terminations. We will look at the top HR firms in Nigeria and provide an overview of what they are.List Of Best HR Companies In Nigeria

List Of Best HR Companies In Nigeria

The ten finest and most popular HR companies in Nigeria in 2023 are as follows:

1. Sunrose Consulting Limited

Sunrose Consulting Limited is a Human Resource Consulting and Training organization dedicated to offering cutting-edge HR infrastructure support and exceptional customer service, resulting in better client performance. Their company offers a wide range of human resource services, such as executive selection (recruitment), HR outsourcing, performance management, organizational development, and policy and procedure creation.

They also provide specialized training programs that are geared to the specific demands of their clients. Their consulting services can be offered on-site, off-site, or in a combination that best meets the needs of their clients. Some organizations use their services to enhance an existing human resource department, whereas others use them in place of a traditional human resource function.

Sunrose Consulting Limited’s primary job is to assist clients in identifying needs, developing action plans, and facilitating change to improve their organization’s success. Their management, human resource, and training services are intended to boost employee morale, productivity, efficiency, communication, and communication.

Sunrose Consulting Limited began operations as a human resource management consulting firm in March 1997. They are experts in strategy planning, business training, and executive recruitment. They provide highly skilled, specialized services to assist you in organizing, growing, and developing.

They have helped their clients throughout the years to fully utilize their current human resources, secure new ones, and plan for the future of their organizations. Their comprehensive consultation services and tailored training programs can help you realize your objectives.

2. Corporate Headhunters

Corporate Headhunters was founded in 2012 with the goal of meeting the human capital development, specialist recruitment, and staffing needs of companies in the oil and gas, agriculture, technology, and service-oriented industries. They offer the expertise, tools, knowledge, and market intelligence to build and execute employer branding programs, whether you are looking to hire junior, intermediate, or senior engineers and experts on a temporary or long-term basis, or to completely staff a project.

Their areas of expertise include oil and gas, industrial, agricultural, technological, and service-oriented industries. They supply qualified technical and administrative professionals from project inception through project completion/handover.

3. U-Connect

U-Connect, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Lekki Peninsula, is a proud Nigerian company that provides world-class HR Consulting Services to its valued customers in the areas of Personnel Outsourcing, Talent Search, Verification and Background Checks, Pre-Assessment Testing, Learning and Development, and HR Advisory Services with the goal of transforming businesses into customer loyalty centers. They use cutting-edge technology and highly skilled people to create cost-effective solutions that improve their clients’ company strategy and performance, maximizing system functionality and improving operational efficiency.

On June 29, 2016, U-Connect Human Resources Limited launched Gr8jobsng, an e-commerce HR Service platform that handles the full range of HR services: Recruitment, Pre-Assessment Test, Verification, Training, and other HR
services. Gr8jobsng primarily serves  Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), professionals, job seekers of all levels, and Professional Training Institutions. (local and international).

The platform is also accessible through a mobile application, which is available for Windows, Google Play, and Blackberry. Employers, Job Seekers, and Professional Training Institutes are the three types of users served by Gr8jobsng. (PTIs).

4. E-Recruiter

eRecruiter is without a doubt one of the greatest hiring firms in Nigeria today. They are well-versed in human resources and recruitment. Their company specializes in talent acquisition, recruitment, outsourcing, and everything else related to talent. From talent acquisition through talent ROI testing, and everything in between. Their ambition is to reshape the African recruitment business.

5. Phillips Consulting

Phillips Outsourcing Limited has been in business for more than 15 years. They have extensive experience in the outsourcing industry, having managed resources for important clients across all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Furthermore, their prodigious labor spans Nigeria’s 36 states. This top HR business in Nigeria is increasingly spreading its tentacles to other African Nations after successfully establishing foothold in all 36 states of the nation. They are currently registered to do business in Ghana as well.

Their structure is designed to fully assist their clients’ operations while ensuring ongoing improvement of outsourced services. This finally pushes their clients to meet their business goals.

6. PG Consulting

PG Consulting Limited is a business optimization consulting firm that specializes in Human Capital Development and the transformation of raw talent into useful human resources to drive organizational growth and efficiency. Their firm also includes a variety of Business Consulting Services aimed at assisting corporate organizations in excelling in a highly
competitive business climate. This prominent Nigerian HR firm employs business research, cutting-edge innovation, and scientific economics methodologies to give robust insights that enable business decision makers to achieve fast and sustained competitive outcomes.

7. Workforce Group

Workforce Group, one of Nigeria’s top human resource firms, goes beyond narrowly defined client challenges, conventional knowledge, and the expected to create opportunities for its clients, candidates, colleagues, collaborators, and community. They have helped some of the most important and exciting organizations in Nigeria and on the continent find critical talent, access cutting-edge advice, and get innovative support they require to grow in a challenging market through a network of diverse but highly complementary lines of business.

Workforce Group works with businesses and organizations of various size, structure, and maturity in a variety of industries such as technology, telecommunications, oil and gas, financial services, third sector, FMCG, and others to improve business performance, optimize for growth, and produce extraordinary results.

They accomplish this by leveraging the skills of over 125 highly experienced consultants and over 8500 associate personnel spread across the continent. respective depth of expertise, creative problem-solving approach, and established track record in respective practice areas, along with in-depth knowledge of the realities of the industries they serve, set them apart.

8. Adexen

Adexen is a multinational human resources company that offers business and support services throughout Africa. They assist businesses in all industries with HR, Legal, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, and Supply Chain. This top HR firm in Nigeria understands the value of people in business. They also believe that “people are the future of Africa,” and they understand what is required to match highly talented employees with firms functioning at the top levels in Nigeria and Africa.

Their consultants are subject matter experts who employ cutting-edge technology and knowledge to provide assistance in all areas of human resources. Adexen’s goal is to contribute a wealth of experience to help company operations identify and retain employees. Adexen’s goal is to give quality in all parts of our services to their clients, employees, and prospects. Adexen’s good reputation is built on this high level of service.

9. Jobberman Nigeria

Jobberman began as a recruiting and job search website in 2009, but has since evolved into an all-encompassing career platform that provides online career guidance, customized HR solutions for both individuals and institutions,
and training services for jobseekers. The African Talent Company’s investment portfolio includes Jobberman Nigeria. Every year, over 2 million people rely on Jobberman to help them succeed at work, from professional advancement and skill development to job search.

10. 25th And Staffing

The mission of 25th & Staffing is to link Africa’s best and brightest employees with organizations worldwide. As actual market leaders, they understand the importance of top talent in a team. That is why they are committed to partner with organizations all across the world to tap into Africa’s tremendous supply of outstanding talent.

Putting together a winning team has never been easier. At 25th & Staffing, world-class customer service is inherent in everything they do, which is why their clients trust them to source Nigeria’s and Africa’s most brilliant remote workers, providing long-term value to any organization.

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