Research Firm Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $200K in Second Half of 2022, ETH to Reach $12K

Research Firm Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $200K in Second Half of 2022, ETH to Reach $12KThis week in a note to investors, Fsinsight, a Fundstrat company, said bitcoin could reach $200,000 during the second half of the year. In the investor’s note, Fsinsight’s head of digital asset strategy, Sean Farrell, said the parabolic growth would be due to “legacy market capital entering the fold.”

Fsinsight: ‘Bitcoin to Tap $200K in H2 2022, Ethereum Will Jump Close to 400%’

While last year’s $100K predictions went silent during the last month of 2021, bitcoin (BTC) price predictions are starting to appear again this year. According to the Fundstrat firm FsinsightBTC could increase by almost 500% from the current price point to around $200K per unit.
The BTC price prediction stems from Fsinsight and the firm’s head of digital asset strategy, Sean Farrell. Both Fsinsight and Fundstrat are bullish about the upside potential of crypto assets as Fundstrat Global Advisors’ head of research recently insisted bitcoin still has “exponential growth ahead” of it.
Fsinsight’s and Farrell’s investor’s note says times are different now that major businesses and “legacy market capital [is] entering the fold.” “This is much different from 2018 where tech stocks were still doing well but bitcoin sold off along with the rest of the crypto market cap,” Farrell explained. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Federal Reserve’s meeting in March as Fed chair Jerome Powell has hinted at raising benchmark interest rates.
Fsinsight’s prediction notes that U.S. policymakers could bring some downside to the leading crypto asset’s price growth. “All assets can sell off and drop another 50% if the Fed hikes 4% tomorrow or next month,” Farrell remarked in the note. “But right now, as things stand, the upside to both bitcoin and [ethereum] is much larger than the downside.”
Meanwhile, digital currency values have increased during the last week as bitcoin (BTC) has climbed over 12% and ethereum (ETH) jumped more than 13% over the last seven days. Fsinsight’s prediction also notes that ethereum has the potential to swell in USD value during the last half of 2022. Fsinsight’s investor’s note predicts ETH could climb close to 400% to around $12K per unit.

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